The Tusah Basic Gum Shield offers comfort and high impact shock absorption. The gel liner has been designed to take a self-fit custom impression of your teeth for a secure and comfortable fit throughout the season. With your teeth nestled in the vertical wall frame, the jaw line is secured limiting injury from side impact.

junior or senior

colours: clear, white, blue, black, pinnk




Customised gel fit
Gel-fit material takes an exact impression of the teeth.
Providing a comfortable fit.
Two layer technology
Soft gel-fit inner layer for easy moulding and strong outer layer that absorbs shock.
Increased breathability and airflow

The DOUBLE LAYER GUMSHIELD ia available in junior or senior
colours: white/clear, white/black, white/blue, white/green.


!Protect your teeth, braces, and gums with the new BRACES GUMSHIELD!

The Pro Shield Braces Gumshield. Integrated with a remoldable gel bite surface with a flexible outer shell and internal shock core to provide the most protective and adaptable mouthguard for athletes with braces. Featuring a custom grip the Braces gumshield fits around your brace brackets and adapts to changes in tooth position. The special design allows the mouthguard to conform to changes in the athlete’s teeth position without sacrificing fit or protection.

  • Customised gel fit
  • Gel-fit material takes an exact impression of the teet. Providing a comfortable fit.
  • Increased breathability and airflow
  • CE Approved

Available in 4 colours

White, Clear, Blue & Pink